The Grade 3 geckos were taken on a field trip to Shilparamam on 21 August 2019. The trip was to let them experience India’s cultural heritage. Shilparamam is an arts and crafts village which was initiated with an objective of preserving Indian arts and handicrafts. With this field trip, the geckos had an opportunity to explore more about their current inquiry topic “Culture”.

At Shilparamam, the geckos observed different stalls that represented and displayed art and crafts of India. The geckos observed huts that showcased rural and tribal lifestyle of artisans. In addition, they observed models which depicted day-to-day activities of various rural artisans. The handicrafts, woodwork, jewellery, terracotta sculptures and sarees showcasing cultures of different states were of huge interest for the geckos. The geckos could also view the festivals celebrated in India round the year through the models displayed there.

The field trip to Shilparamam enabled the geckos to experience different cultures ; our rich tradition blended with creativity at one place.


Some highlights: