For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.― Aristotle

ASK TALK is built on the three fundamental aspects of learning: Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. This forum would provide the senior High School students of The Gaudium with a learning platform where they get an opportunity to meet with, to be heard and ask questions to three Grade 10 IGCSE toppers, who graduated from different schools in recent years. The primary objective of ASK TALK is to facilitate the transfer of panellists’ knowledge and learning experiences that they have gathered studying the two-year IGCSE curriculum and sitting the final examinations subsequently. The focus of the forum Is on detailing the strategies of planning, implementation and success, pertaining to Attitude, Skills and Knowledge, and thus guiding and instilling high confidence into the IGCSE students of The Gaudium.

ASK TALK -Session 1 for the academic year 2019-20 was  initiated on 23rd August 2019 for Grade 9 and 10 CAIE students. We invited 3 student panellists who have excelled in their grade 10 Checkpoint examination. They are currently pursuing their Grade 12.

The session was highly engaging with the moderator who ensured that there is sufficient scope for all the important points for discussion are covered. Post the session, the geckos and the panellists over hi-tea engaged in discussing and sharing their personal experiences, goals and aspirations.

The geckos left with a lot of confidence and were self-motivated to face their upcoming grade 10 checkpoint examination.

The student panellists were honoured with a Momento for sharing their enriching experience.


Some highlights: