In the hugely popular Talking Titans series, the high school students of The Gaudium School had Mr. Sougat Pokhral as the guest speaker in the session conducted on 3rd February 2021. Mr. Pokhral has had a long-standing career distinguished by extensive research in the various fields of Biology with several awards and accolades to his credit.

Opening the doors of Biology and giving an alluring sneak peek to the immersive subject which encompasses within its sphere, this session definitely ignited the curious minds of the young geckos into the exciting world of Biology.

It was an enriching session as the Geckos gained deep insight into the subject which developed their curiosity. Mr. Sougat explained about Science and its prospects and dwelled on four major topics in detail. They comprised understanding things at a fundamental level, Biology and the different fields, genetic engineering, and a glimpse of how researchers carry out their research work. From the beginning, his approach was a very stimulating one, as the audience was taken from a mere human being on the planet earth to the light-years away in space. He gave a sneak-peek into the human body in a very unique way, explaining the working of the organs, tissues, cells, to the tiniest matter which is present in every living and inanimate body in the universe. With such a spark, the session carried on captivating the audience, explaining how science helps in understanding the complicated things as he delved deeper into the branches of Biology, citing success stories of research and answering the questions of the excited geckos at the end of the session.

Mr. Sougat Pokhral not only stirred the interest of the students in science, specifically biology and research but also encouraged the students to always have a deep interest in learning, understand whichever subject they choose on a fundamental level. The session was absolutely fascinating for the students and teachers alike.


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