Many times we see people working hard but they do not seem to achieve what they want or desire. One of the important reasons for this feeling to arise is, they have not spent much time thinking about their goal in life and what they want from life. Every individual needs to have a goal in life to be focussed, disciplined and work towards achieving it.

A counselling session was organised for the students of Grades 6 to 9, CBSE and Cambridge International curricula on the topic ‘Why should we have a goal in life?’ on 5th February 2021 by the school counsellor Ms. Sukanya Das. The session not only highlighted the importance of goal setting in a student’s life, but also provided logical explanations and clarifications on why it is important and how it can be achieved. This interactive session started with the students analysing popular characters from animated movies which they could easily identify with and discuss their character traits. During the course of this activity, students realised is a goal and how it is different from a wish. They also filled Google form to describe the goals of their own lives. Furthermore, they were explained how to set short-term as well as long term goals, understanding its importance and systematically planning for it. For most of the participants, the short-term goal happened to be preparing well and scoring excellently in their upcoming exams. They were provided with activities in the session to make their planner which would help them achieve this goal. Through the engaging activities, they were able to identify the obstacles and fears and were equipped with necessary tools which would help them reduce the fears and overcome the obstacles to achieve their targets in life.

This wonderful session was concluded with an inspirational video which highlighted that failures are nothing but little obstacles in the path to success. Thus, the participants received the key take-away that they should never give up on their goal, as the only ingredient to achieve the goal is to keep trying and believe in ourselves.


Some highlights: