In the process of career development, a good higher education in an esteemed university is absolutely noteworthy, and so is being prepared and ready for it. It is often found that many students are confused and ill-equipped for the various preparations that they are required to do for it. At The Gaudium School, no stones are left unturned to ensure that the Geckos are well- equipped for the future. The career counselling department at the Gaudium led by Ms. Mahitha Sammeta organized a webinar to bring an array of opportunities for the students and their parents on 30th January for Grades 9 to 12 along with four leading universities from India. Flame University, Plaksha University, Krea University and Ashoka University were the participating universities in this Mini Indian University Fair. The representatives of the Universities discussed and elaborated on the unique program structures along with specializations offered to the students and highlighted the opportunities, life on campus, summer immersion programs and much more. The guidance and insights provided for the students by the experts was well worth and the participants were glad to have attended this webinar. With an opportunity of clarifying individual queries, finding out about the scholarship specifications, admission process, and much more, the Geckos proactively participated in the webinar and are looking forward to gearing up for an excellent higher education and a glorious future ahead.


Some highlights: