As a part of the Pre IBDP sessions, we had one session on ‘Student code of conduct’ conducted by Sutapa Ma’am. I had enjoyed all the other sessions conducted, especially the one on Visual Arts and the one on Theatrical Arts conducted earlier. However, I really appreciated how the ‘Student Code of Conduct’ was introduced to all of us like a new concept since it gave us a new outlook on how a student must behave and what values one must/mustn’t have. The part I acknowledged the most was when she pointed out that bullying, intimidation, and other forms of misconduct with peers/colleagues will not be tolerated. This is because, in the past, I have been bullied myself, and I understand that there is no greater pain than the one that is felt by emptiness and loneliness. It is truly a travesty that people have to go through this and have absolutely no idea of how to deal with it, and that is why I was extremely delighted when she talked about this issue. Fortunately, we are a batch of highly cordial people who know our limits and pledge to uphold this particular code of conduct, towards our peers.

I am more than satisfied with our discussions and am supremely looking forward to our next session!


By: Blossom Kumar Amit, Student DP Year 1