It’s a warm winter sun, the cornfields have ripened and our spirits are as high as the brightly coloured kites soaring with dreams of prosperous days ahead. How can our Geckos possibly be far behind, when the entire nation is dressed in the colourful hues of the auspicious celebrations of Pongal/Makar Sankranti, the biggest harvest festival.  On January 13, the students of Cambridge International and CBSE staged a stimulating special assembly to mark the arrival of the harvest season. Replete with songs, dances, and discourses on the significance of the day the students demonstrated a thorough understanding of the long-standing heritage and cultural significance of the festival.

Amidst the zeal of the festivity, what stood out was the traditional bent of mind of the younger lot, despite their contemporary mindset.  The Geckos aced the multilingual performances and exhibited their superior skills in not only English, but also Hindi and Telugu.  They also paid a glowing tribute to the very concept of farming and harvesting which is the basis of our survival on planet earth. Nurturing a school culture that embraces all languages and ethnicities is the ultimate aim of education and this special assembly was a trailer to achieving our cherished ideals of creating global citizens.


Some highlights: