The high school students of The Gaudium School’s CBSE and Cambridge International wing had the privilege of interacting with Dr Sharad P. Kale as the guest speaker in their segment of Talking Titans on 6th January 2021. A Padmashree awardee, Dr. Kale is known for his immense and extensive work in nature conservation. Retired as a decorated scientist from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, he has made remarkable contributions in sustainable development and solid waste management. His Nisargruna Concept of developing biogas based on biodegradable waste resources has brought him national fame.

The session began with a highly enthusiastic and promising note as Dr. Kale addressed the students present on the occasion to take several oaths which would help all to give back to nature and become champions in the path of sustainability.

Dr Kale pioneered the ‘Nisargruna’ concept- the word indicating giving back or paying one’s debts back to mother nature. It was enlightening to find out how through his scientific innovation, the solid wet waste generated from the canteen of an organisation had been put to good use, by conversion of the same into biogas which supplies the fuel used for cooking.

He encouraged children through various real-life examples and experiences to cultivate good habits from childhood and not to live a life of consumerism and excessiveness which are common in today’s world. Habits such as reading books, practising hands-on recycling techniques, having your own vegetable garden, making your own compost and reducing the waste which goes to the dump yards were strongly advocated by him.

Several oaths were taken such as not to waste food, plant and nurture a tree, make your home a sustainable home with no waste, and many more. Through the session, he ensured that the generation of tomorrow respects and gives back to nature. His address encouraged simple living with high thinking philosophy and asked to curtail the excessive consumerist lifestyle followed by most.

The session was an extremely thought-provoking one and did make the Geckos realise that the need of the hour is to conserve nature and be sustainable in all their endeavours. Everyone has to actively give back to nature by adopting sustainable practices, planting more trees and being accountable. The session wrapped on a happy note with the Principal Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton expressing her gratefulness to Padmashree Dr. Kale for enlightening everyone with his wisdom.


Some highlights: