The cruciality of high school students to get proper, timely support and counselling on their future career path is imperative as it forms the base of their career choice. Keeping this in mind a career session was conducted on 24th December 2020 to inform the students about the Academic and Profile Building Importance.

This session was conducted by the school Career Counselor Ms. Mahitha Sammeta for the DP 1st year students to understand the importance of Term examinations and the Grade XI final exams highlighting the importance for the College Applications.

It gave a detailed overview of the College applications and suggestions to start preparing well for the entrance examinations. They were also provided with ample guidance on how they can build their profiles during this time of the pandemic. The students received detailed information about various platforms and sites offering online courses. Importance of extra and co-curricular activities and their relevance when it comes to college admissions was also explained. Moreover, the vital points of profile building which comes from the participation in MUNs, TEDx talks, Sports and Performing Arts were also discussed in the session.

The session was very informative and helpful for the students. It was concluded with a question-answer round as the geckos asked their questions and gained good clarity on the importance of Academic and Profile building helping our aspiring champions equip themselves for the future ahead.