Poetry is a medium of expression and so is speaking. The art of poetry was combined with speaking skills and presented as Poetry Slam on 22, February 2017. The event saw participants from grade 4 onwards. The geckos of grade four presented acrostic poems, shape poems and haikus on themes that varied from pets to forces of nature. The grade five geckos recited free verse on themes that were mostly related to nature and the universe. The high school geckos presented free verse, sonnets, half-rhymes and narrative poetry. While the sonnets enchanted all with the magic of the iambic pentameter and the Petrarchan rhyme, the narrative poetry was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience as the geckos retold the cherished fairy tales with a rhyme and rhythm of their own. This served as a platform to not only overcome the fear of public speaking but to understand the beauty and power of spoken word poetry.

Facilitator: Mrs. Reshma


Some highlights: