Geckos of the pre-primary classes of both the campuses got together on February 21st to showcase their brain power by participating in a quiz event.
The geckos recently concluded a Unit of inquiry  that extensively covered the solar system, movement of the earth and unique features of the Earth.The topic has been a fascinating one for them and the quiz was an excellent opportunity for them to consolidate what they’ve learnt and demonstrate their superb understanding of our solar system. The topic has intrigued and excited them in the classroom and kept them awake at nights for sky-gazing the night sky. They’ve often delighted the class facilitators with questions that have displayed an unusually strong interest and acumen for all things related to outer space.

The two campuses were divided into eight teams based on the name of the planet. Each team having participants from both the campuses. It was a pleasure to see them respond to the buzzer round effortlessly. Geckos participated very enthusiastically in hands on activities where they displayed day and night, solar eclipse and lunar eclipse with the help of torch, earth ( ball) and moon ( beads)displayed their learning.  In the rapid fire round , they tried to answer all questions very quickly. After the quiz competition, winner Mercury team  was announced with the maximum marks. Winner team was given trophy by our respected judge Mr. Sudhakar Reddy.  Geckos enjoyed the quiz session.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: