I was overwhelmed since the first day of the online orientation at The Gaudium School. My expectation about an orientation was a plethora of sessions where I would understand a glimpse of the philosophy of the school.

To my surprise, I have been geared up to participate in the sessions right from day 1. I had the opportunity to give a description of myself, talking about my origin and that made me proud and happy to stand as ‘part’ of the school. It is important for me to be accepted as this gives a boost to my emotional wellness. I would say, each one of us, if given a chance to talk about one’s origin in the first session, would strengthen the element of belongingness to a new institution. I was left in awe when I attended the session conducted by the General Manager Human Resources, Mrs Rohini. My admiration for the school increased when she presented the teacher’s handbook to us. Not only I could sense an element of transparency but a desire from the director, to keep the employees happy and motivated. The few things that were discussed in detail, made it very clear that teachers of this organisation are respected and cherished. The do’s and don’ts of the organisation was presented as well as information about how to handle certain situations. This acted as a guideline for us, teachers, to follow in an amicable way, irrespective of the situation. I have been teaching for many years and it always brings tears to my eyes when I see that teachers are taken good care of. I realised at that point  that people working in the Human Resources act as a guide to ease our integration within the school family. In my opinion, we are all sailing through the success of students, teachers, administrative and support staff in this organisation as we are building a global environment that fosters growth for each individual of the organisation.

By- Ms. Nandita.M, High School Teacher