The Gaudium School participated in the interschool PYP IB School’s Sports meet on 19 and 20 Jan’17 at DRS International School.  Total 11 schools participated in the 6th PYP Hyderabad Network Sports Fest.The Gaudium Geckos performed enthusiastically in all events and worked hard to showcase all the profiles and attitudes that they learn in the school.Total 13 girls and 13 boys from grade 3,4 and 5 participated in different track and field events conducted on 19 and 20 Jan respectively. They practised hard prior to the event.The Gaudium girls received 3 medals and boys received 1 medal in the fest.Khushi Nirav (Grade 3),Ellora Koner (Grade 5),Tara Sumana (Grade 5) were the winners of Long Jump, 60 meters and Shot put respectively. Vidhith SaiShiva ( Grade 3) was the winner of 60 meters race .  Many boys finished  on 4th position in various track and field event. It was amazing to see the sportsman spirit in each gecko who participated in the fest. They became more confident and exhibited the open mindedness by accepting  failures and challenges.

Facilitators: Mr. Ali and Ms. Sajida (PSPE Teachers)


Some highlights: