Annual day is the most awaited grand event of every school. This year ” World Heritage” was the theme of The Gaudium  School’s annual day. The event started with semi classical welcome dance followed by lighting of lamp by degenitaries Mr. Guru Reddy ( Director of The Continental Hospitals), Mrs. Madhu Vottery ( An Architectural Conservationist), Mr. Nityanand Reddy ( Chairman of The Gaudium School), Mrs. Sunila Rani ( Guest ), Mrs. Kirthi Reddy ( Director  of The Gaudium School) and Mrs. Hema Surapaneni ( Principal of The Gaudium School). Welcome note and Annual report of the school was then presentated by Director and Principal of the school. Annual Report consisted highlights of all the events and the classroom activities that took place in the year 2016- 2017 which actually amazed parents and made them happy to see their kids enjoying their learning. After annual report, cultural program started which had bright colourful backdrop and energetic dance performances. Geckos of different grades performed English/ Hindi theatre, Choir and different local/international dances. The main objective of the theme was to represent geckos understanding and learning of the culture from local to global. The event was a grand success due to the contribution of each member of Gaudium team and cooperation of parents.

Facilitators: The Gaudium Team


Some highlights: