As stories are told to every age and in all languages, we integrated our topic with all the three languages. I can proudly present my geckos as Risk Takers because they presented their stories in front of all PYP classes i.e. Nursery to grade 5.They chose theatre to perform on their stories. Geckos were divided according to their second language i.e. Hindi, Telugu and French. In Hindi they presented a legend- Story of ‘Rani Laxmi Bai’ through a puppet show. All the geckos performed so well that audience could feel goose bumps while going through the journey of a brave woman who fought for the independence. Geckos from Telugu language chose a regional story from Telangana and a very traditional way of expressing it which is called ‘Burakatha’. It is an oral storytelling technique in the Katha tradition, performed in villages of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This art of telling stories is vanishing from today’s modern world. But our geckos brought it back to life and performed very well that Principal ma’am and few teachers felt very lucky to get a chance to see it live, which had only been heard about before.

It was a very proud moment to see geckos presenting a famous fairy tale ‘The little Red Riding Hood’ in French. Geckos were very comfortable and fluent while delivering their dialogues in French. They performed without any reservations and were highly confident. Even though the story was in French, it was conveyed quite easily to both the French- comprehending and non-French- comprehending audience alike.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


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