The commencement of MYP 2’s Integrated Humanities started with the topic of ‘Dynamic Earth’. The students were introduced to the topic keeping in line with the curriculum’s aim of aligning the young minds with thinking and research skills. The students shortly after being initiated into the topic were given the task of finding facts on the evolution of The Earth and its basic structural formation. The goal of the task was to encourage these young minds to be inquisitive and drive them into research. The students were then asked to put forward their research in the form of presentations. The students did an excellent job of presenting their research in front of their peers and answering the questions that were inquired of.

This MYP1 students also traversed against an amazing journey of remarkable human achievements across the globe. Based on their understanding of human achievements students lined up five human achievements for exploration. This week they explored the role of humans in planting an entire forest and the significant role of scientists in inventing lifesaving drugs. They perused a case study where an entire forest was planted by a man and researched about the list of scientists who discovered lifesaving drugs.

By: Ms Upama, Integrated Humanities Facilitator