The students of Class 10 are at a crucial phase of their educational career. The decisions that they make now will surely have far-reaching effects and will also determine the course of their professional ventures ahead. The Gaudium School firmly believes in creating a strong bond between the school and the parents for a clear address of all the developmental needs of the learners. The school upholds active participation as it organizes informative orientation sessions for the benefit of the students. One such session was conducted on 28 November,  for Class 11 – the batch of 2021-23  in which the students and their parents were provided with detailed information on the curricula and subjects offered at The Gaudium for Classes 11 and 12.

The students and parents of Class 10 were taken through an overview of the CBSE and IBDP curriculum. The CBSE curriculum subject teachers explained in depth the various subjects offered and the broad syllabus along with the examination format, followed by the presentation of the IBDP curriculum. The IBDP curriculum presentation helped the audience to understand and value the nuances of the Diploma Programme and how it equips a student with quality research skills making them college-ready. While there are several universities in India that incorporate an international approach in their application process, for the students of IBDP studying abroad stands as a smooth process. The CBSE approach and the various advantages it gives the students were highlighted as well, which showcased the curriculum to be avant-garde and in context with the various national competitive examinations. The detailed analysis helped the parents and students to understand the advantages, possible constraints, and the subject combinations that are available for them to go further ahead.

The virtual orientation session was instrumental in the process of understanding and having a good clarity about the CBSE and the IBDP curricula offered at the school. It also acted as a good forum to ask questions and discuss with the Principals and the Coordinators who are there to guide and help each and every student of the school to have the acumen of selecting the suitable curriculum and subject combinations. It was a much needed and fruitful session as the parents were glad to receive the detailed insight and the assurance from the school mentors on their guidance for student to make the right choice.


Some highlights: