The students of Classes VI – X, CBSE had a brilliant assembly on the chilly morning of 27th November 2020 conducted in the French language! Being a foreign language, the students had to put in a significant amount of effort to achieve this tremendous feat. The geckos carried out the assembly smoothly and flawlessly which showcased their accomplishment in conversing and executing in a language that is not native to them.

Presented by Lakshmi Abhista Sheela and Parinita Reddy, the assembly consisted of all the main components,  being thought of the day; International and local news update; a role-play activity on our environment; and facts on France. For the audience to comprehend well, the students conveyed in both French and English. A song presentation in French was the highlight of the gathering. Concluding in a happy and excited mode, the French- subject learners of CBSE Classes VI – X had a marvellous experience in this compact but fruitful session. It was a one-of-a-kind assembly and a grand opportunity for them to sharpen their French vocabulary and fluency in the language. Overall, it was an informative and enjoyable assembly as the endeavour of the students was well- appreciated by all the teachers and students.

The geckos were thankful for the opportunity of having a French assembly as it provided them with a fresh new perspective and they cannot wait to plan and organise something zingy and impressive next.


Some highlights: