As the POI topic being “ANIMALS” we have integrated “origami” activity.Origami is an example of schematic learning  through repeatable actions. It engenders a patience that leads pride in one’s work, the ability to focus energy and increased self –esteem.Geckos demonstrated the attitude “cooperative” and have taken the instructions to imply make a dog face from this interesting activity. The geckos learnt the hand – eye co-ordination and also a communication without language. Overall this is a positive learning which brings constructively value in a person.The geckos even inculcated to various benefits of this activity such as link to math – transforming a flat piece of paper into a three dimensional or other origami figure is a unique exercise in spatial reasoning, in addition paper folding allows them to create and manipulate basic geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Facilitator: Mr. Sahoo


Some highlights of the activity: