As a post birth anniversary celebration of Charles Dickens, the Geckos from grades 4 to 7 were introduced to this iconic author and the style of writing he popularized, the bildungsroman. The Geckos understood, with examples of fairy tales, stories from their textbook and popular films, that bildungsroman is a particular kind of story in which the protagonist is introduced as a child and he/she grows up as the story progresses. The day was concluded with a reading of Dickens’ popular works. Geckos of grade 4 and 5 read a summary of Oliver Twist and the Geckos of grade 6 and 7 read a summary of Great Expectations.The Geckos understood that there are different styles of writing a story which is known as a genre and that this style decides how the story is interpreted by the reader. Reading the summaries proved as an appetizer to read more of Dickens and learn more about authors from all around the world.

Coordinators: Mrs. Reshma


Some highlights from the event: