As our “POI” topic being “Animals”, the geckos were taken to zoological park to provide opportunity to visualise animals and learn about them.The geckos had marvellous field trip to zoological park which enabled them to view different types of animals. Children were very delighted watching animals responding them such as making different expressions, especially the monkeys.Geckos acquired knowledge on real names of animals their species and the latin names by reading the signboards.Geckos displayed the attitude “empathy” and “principled” and have followed the instructions given by the facilitators.  Overall it was an astonishing experience for our geckos to learn about animals by visualising them.Geckos inquired about animals they have seen at the zoo and expressed their views, opinions and shared knowledge with each other, however the signboards had enough of information which lead to the discussions on the same. It was incredible to watch geckos of pre-primary able to identify animals and differentiate them in categories. They were able to recognise and recollect the wild animals and also explained why they are called so.

Coordinators: Home Room Teachers


Highlights from the visit: