“One Area One Step One Goal at a Time” following this ideology we are slowly and steadily advancing towards our ultimate goal of becoming an IB certified school. With the support and vision of our Director Mrs. Kirti Reddy, dedication and Never say Never approach of our dear Principal Mrs. Hema Surpaneni we have decided to go for verification this year though Gaudium is a young school.

On 2nd and 3rd August a renowned and experienced PYP coordinator Ms. Rachna Johar visited us from Indonesia at our Kollur Campus to analyze our readiness for the final IB certification.  With over 20 years of experience in IB curriculum, she has been running a school and been our guide and mentor throughout our journey. The purpose of her visit was to understand how we have inculcated the IB philosophy and mission and to provide guidance and highlight the areas of improvement in our system before the final verification process.

In her 2 days packed schedule she managed to conduct 360 degrees inspection at every level to fairly evaluate our practices. She conducted class inspections, interacted independently with our geckos, language department, special teachers, admin, coordinators, parents and also our class 4 employees. She was very pleased with the interactions which made her believe that we live by the IB philosophy and with true sense of international mindedness not only for or during the day of inspection but it’s our regime.

Observing the kids’ involvement in their inquiry and confidence about their knowledge made her trust our implementation and practices. She was amazed to experience captivating co-existence of kids, staff and other animals. None fears the other and all are comfortable in their spaces. She highlighted that ‘Petting Zoo’ was a novel concept and in sync with one of the Trans disciplinary Themes – Sharing the Planet. There was a special mention about the infrastructure and environment that is provided currently and would be set up in the future to be one of its kinds. She emphasized about the positive environment by stating that, in spite of being on a tight schedule with sleepless nights she has been fresh and energetic throughout due to the fresh and positive surroundings in the campus.

The inspection was concluded with her observation report and a special token of thanks presented by The Gaudium family which was a painting by a Grade 2 gecko. She was astounded at the skills of the little one. There were no negatives at all, few suggestions were mentioned which were very motivating factor for us. As we implement standards and practices of IB we have been approved to go ahead towards the verification in the month of February. As it is rightly said “Team work makes the Dream work”.