We are committed to impart our geckos with an overall development, in our endeavor to do so we organized an Origami Workshop on Saturday 5th August along with The Hyderabad Art Festival team for our senior school geckos. Origami is known as the art of paper folding. It discourages the use of cuts and glues to create the craft. This art form engages students and enhances spatial perception, logical and sequential thinking.

Master origami’s Mr. Govind Gopal Kulkarni honored us with his presence, with over 35 years of experience; he is associated with Origami since 1956. An active member in the Bio Diversity project he preaches “Save Paper Save Trees” thus encouraging all to save paper and put it to use by pursuing the art of Origami. He teaches all age groups his oldest student being his own mother who was 75 years.

Mr Kulkarni conducted a 2 hours session where our geckos created magic with paper by making origami like paper base, book marker, boat, aircraft etc. Geckos were excited on every origami made by them; it helped them be confident about their capabilities. He encouraged everyone by sharing his experiences and anecdotes which made the session lively and the geckos felt very comfortable to walk up to him for any folds they couldn’t make. While creating every fold he would explain the geometrical term of the figure and the logic behind the fold which made the geckos comprehend the technical concept. With a smile on his face he stood tirelessly answering every question posed by our students. After every origami the geckos were excited to show him their creation. He always says “Kagaz ko modo dilon ko jodo” very simple yet inspiring words of wisdom for our geckos.

It was a full house session with active participation by our Art department and the senior school teachers. He placed a display of his work to encourage everyone to practice this art. There was some amazing origami on display leaving all spell bonds. The session was concluded by the Hyderabad Art Festival team summarizing the learning and thanking Mr. Kulkarni for sharing his wisdom with all. The team encouraged geckos to try new origami at home and make their own creations. The closing quote was a famous line by Bruce Lee “I fear not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10 000 times” inspiring the geckos to peruse what interests them to perfection.

Head Girl and Head Boy presented a Thank You card to the master. A small memento was awarded by the senior school coordinator Mrs. Archana Reddy and Hyderabad Art Festival team to Mr. Kulkarni for gracing The Gaudium with his presence.


Some highlights: