The Hyderabad chapter of Cambridge Community is an active association of all Cambridge Schools in Hyderabad.  The community has planned to host sports and literary events to give the schools and students an opportunity to collaborate and communicate on 29 July. Raqelford International School has taken the initiative to host the first Cambridge Art and Swim competition. Students from 5 schools enthusiastically participated in the event.   Our geckos participate in the REQAUQA and REQART event. We had girls and boys who participated in 25 mts. Freestyle swimming; relay contest and in several art themes such as spot painting, pot painting, still life painting, flower arrangement, sand art and clay modelling. We are proud of our Geckos who participated and won the trophies.


Swimming Competition 

Ms. Saba Krishna : won third place 25 mts Freestyle , and Breast stroke

Almeeth Singh, Rohan Reddy, Nihan Reddy and Eshan Reddy : 3rd place Freestyle Swimming Rely

Ms. Pranathi Gangavatkar: participated in 50 mts freestyle swimming.

Art and Craft Competition 

Ms. Anshu and Mr. Affan :  Frist place in Sand Art

Ms. Annandi and Ms. Jerusha : Second place in Sand Art

Ms. Kyra Cherian and Ms. Bindu Purnima : Second place in Flower Arrangement

Ms. Shresta : Third place in spot painting(theme joy and fun moment)

Mr. Ashish : Second place in spot painting (World Hyderabad Monuments)

Mr. Surya Teja and Ms. Tara Sumana second place in Clay Modeling (theme Expression of Emotions)

Mr. Ojas Trevedi: Frist place and Ms. Saanvi : Second place in pot painting.

Mr. Aarnav Kumar: Participated in still life painting.


Some highlights: