“Making the beginning is one-third of the work” goes an Irish proverb. The CBSE class XI Induction programme began on 1st July with a warm welcome by our Principal Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton and the CBSE Coordinator Ms. Meena Malik. The five-day-long induction covered all subject areas and specific CBSE offerings: 21st Century skills, assessment procedure, goal setting, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and Robotics, and life skills. Our eleventh graders visited the school’s philosophy—The Five Developmental Pillars—and learned how it undergirds all our initiatives.

At The Gaudium, we value our students’ well-being above everything else. The mindfulness and counselling sessions familiarised them with numerous counselling facilities provided by the school. To encourage accountability and self-motivation, reflection and journaling sessions were carried out.

We strive to create awareness about the numerous career options available to our students. The career counselling session provided elaborate information about courses, application requirements and admission procedures to various universities in India and abroad.

The Class XI Induction programme prepared our students for the year ahead and facilitated a healthy exchange of ideas.


Some highlights: