Kalpana Ramesh is Hyderabad-based architect who advocates water conservation in residential apartments, office blocks through rainwater harvesting. A water warrior, as she likes to call herself, has been campaigning in the city to attain sustainability in water usage. She has been instrumental in turning the fate of several water bodies in the city around, first implemented rainwater harvesting successfully at her home, and then convinced the members of her society to go for the same.

A Talking Titan session was organized with her for Grades  9 to 12 for creating awareness as to how students can become an integral part of water conservation in their own communities. She emphasized the importance of saving every drop of water at home right from the kitchen wash-offs to the rain. She constructed many water-recharge stations like injection bores across roads, pits in localities, rainwater collection tanks, recharge of dead wells, etc across the city of Hyderabad, which was highlighted in the session in order to motivate students to become stakeholders in the process. The session was very relevant and inspiring as it focussed on the easily adoptable methods for water conservation. Students were also encouraged to take up the responsibility of nearby water bodies for their management and conservation and practice gardening in the catchment areas involving local communities. Proper disposal and segregation of waste and reduction of plastic usage was also a key point in the process. The students were indeed highly motivated and benefitted from the session, which paralleled and resonated with the core value of  Respect towards the environment.


Some highlights: