In our lives, we are always trying to reach a place from where we can enjoy the perks of achievement. Our achievements are of various natures and our personalities thrive on the variety of our achievements. We like to believe that if we are able to bring a student from being afraid of going up on the stage to become the Master of Ceremony (MC) of an event, then we definitely have made a difference and achieved something. In another case, it may be about racing to a certain peak in record time which can count as an achievement. All said and done, these achievements cannot happen without planning them meticulously.

At The Gaudium, we are aware of the steps that are more important than the end result. To ensure that our geckos unlock their full potential, we put forth a lot of importance in helping them to plan their achievements. We not only give them the tools to design their plans but also show them how to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals – in short SMART goals in order to achieve their hearts’ content.

Keeping the above in mind, the 5 pillars Core Committees had planned to inform the students on the Art of Setting their Goals as early as possible. Hence, the Goal setting session for the students from grades 9 to 12 across all curricula was conducted on the 18th of June, just after two days of opening. The session was conducted by the School Counsellor Ms Sukanya Das.

The session started with the basic understanding of what a goal is and why it is important to set one. The participating students were asked to fill a google form on the different facets of goal setting. Through the students’ responses, the session progressed and Ms Das presented a mind map with six components of goal setting  – plan, direction, courage, target, belief and execution. From the mind map we moved to understand champion strategies planned and executed by eminent personalities like Saina Nehwal, Ajit Doval and K Sivan. Students were able to see the diversity in choosing these personalities and also how all of them had only one common thread among them – they had set their goals quite early and worked tirelessly towards achieving them.

Following the strategies of the champions, came the strategy for our very own geckos. Ms Das defined the term SMART goals in a manner that would make the goals easier to achieve. She spoke about the specificity of the goal, along with its measurability, and achievability, its realistic and timely nature. She stressed that this acronym is designed to ensure that no goal remains unachieved. Students too came up with their examples in terms of specificity and achievability. They narrated their stories  – fear of Mathematics, acing their guitar skills


Some highlights: