On the morning of 25th July 2020, students of PYP sat down virtually for a new session with their teachers.  “Bonding Over Breakfast” is Gaudium’s new initiative to foster a sense of belonging as we at Gaudium strongly believe in modelling all our ideals. In this day and age, it has become increasingly important to recognize that learning is not limited to a traditional classroom setup but goes beyond it.

Today with the virtual world circulating all around us, it is easy to be cut off from our families and friends. This has become prevalent even during meal times. A time of eating, sitting with your family, or a time of eating with friends when meeting in public is a time where people share their day, their experiences, their feelings and through all this, bond. Cutting off from this is likely to have extremely negative effects on the development of a child and also the emotional being of even an adult.

Most schools have started to focus more on the holistic development of the student than just academics and conducting an event like this helps the students and teachers have a strong bond. By providing the students with an informal space to communicate more openly, we encourage them to overcome their inhibitions in sharing their feelings and emotions with their peers and teachers. A session like this not only builds their confidence but also strengthens their trust and faith with the people around them.

It’s the little conversation that builds the relationship and makes an impact on each student – Robert John Meehan


By: Alna Chandra, Grade 5A