This month we conducted a workshop on “BEST OUT OF WASTE” led by our Geckos. This comes as an extension to our inquiry into 5Rs.

This workshop aims to display how we can reuse or repurpose our recyclable wastes like old t-shirts, old newspaper, plastic bottle, paper egg tray, socks etc.

Geckos actively participated in the workshop. They showed great interest and enthusiasm in learning to make beautiful everyday use articles out of waste. They used their imagination and came up with great ideas on what they want to make out of them.

Geckos learnt to make coaster, photo frame, garland, pen holder, envelope etc. from newspaper.

They made pillow cover and bags from old t-shirt. They made pencil stand with bangles and also learnt to make pen stand, piggy bank, flower vase and bird feeder with old pet bottles.

They made wall hangings with paper egg tray. They enjoyed making puppets with socks.

They proudly displayed their handicrafts and confidently explained how they made them.

The workshop was a success and received great participation and applause from everyone.


Few pics: