After a few weeks of our unit of inquiry, the understanding of what shelter meant has changed for our geckos. This walk-through was all about what they learned and how they reflected their learning. This event took place on 19th September where all the PP1 geckos had invited the school to witness their learning.

Although there is so much reflection of learning happening on a daily basis, the facilitators of PP1 wanted to create an atmosphere to exhibit the geckos, learning. The largest gain from this event was that the facilitators and geckos worked together towards the same.

To begin with, geckos have formulated a lot of ideas in the discussion of preparing for the event and brainstormed about displaying different shelters. Geckos were enthusiastic to speak about all the concepts they learned in this unit of inquiry. At the hour of the event the geckos organized themselves to present the walkthrough. It seemed like beautiful bays of different houses. This event enabled geckos to demonstrate their learning. During this event our geckos expressed their classroom learning and answered those questions that were asked of them. This event comprised of different stations like display of stations like  igloo, ancient, medieval and modern, stilt, slope, kutcha house, temporary and permanent shelter, animal shelter and natural calamities. These stations were helpful for all the geckos and staff who came to visit as they expressed their views and shared some ideas. The geckos of pp1 were constantly excited  to explain  all the stations which was amazing . PP1 geckos even had  live stations where they depicted what happens when the natural calamities occur  and  even explained each station confidently.

The geckos used different yoga postures to show tree house, bird’s nest and a cave. Every visitor was amazed to see these little geckos effortlessly conducting the walk-through. This event could only be wonderful with rigorous practice and everyday concepts, reflection. The geckos who visited the walk-through were delighted to see different types of beautifully decorated houses. They whispered about what those displays meant for them and some of them were inquiring about the type and make of displays. In continuation the staff from various departments appreciated the work of the geckos. The event ended jubilantly with an immense recognition.

Learning Outcome: Geckos displayed a lot of enthusiasm during the walk-through. They thoroughly enjoyed the session and became more confident and cooperative with each other. The children beautifully reflected on their complete learning.


Few highlights: