To extend the learning about reporting and newspaper production as a part of their unit on reporting, the geckos of grade 7 and 8 CIE visited The Times of India Press. The journey to the press itself was filled with excitement and the children had a lot of fun spending time with each other but the actual excitement began the moment they reached the press.

At the press they experienced the whole production process of a newspaper first hand. They realised the importance of the whole process and how paper is used to create a document that brings information to millions. They realised what reach and significance newspapers bear in everyday life. To hammer the point home, the In-charge of the press also gave a detailed presentation om how the press works and how the whole production of newspapers come to be once they receive the copy of the edited and ready-to-print edition.

In a fast-paced world of the twenty first century where digital reporting is gaining ground, this trip was important for the geckos to realise that a newspaper still holds it own and the whole production process is a unique feat. The geckos were quite wowed by all they witnessed. They asked a lot of questions and tried to soak in as much of information as they could. It was indeed a very successful field trip.


Few highlights: