World Theatre Day celebrates as well as marks the importance of theatre arts, its significant role in learning and entertainment, and the symbolic impact that theatre has on our lives.

Learning ‘through the arts’ and ‘with the arts’ is a process where art becomes the medium of learning – teaching, a key to understanding concepts within any subject of the curriculum.

Celebrating this day makes the learning further joyful and engaging. It is an opportunity for the learners to be more aware of their environment through keen observation and unhindered exploration. This day also reiterates the significance of free emotional expression, communication and creative involvement through Theatre Arts.

The students of Grade 5, took the ownership of scripting, designing and performing different genres like mime, comedy, a monologue on this day for the entire school community. The students of PP2 retold and enacted 3 of their chosen stories for the early years students.

Our endeavours clearly reflected our firm belief in student agency and inculcating respect as well as an appreciation for arts!


Some highlights: