As the “PROGRAM OF INQUIRY” topic is “FOOD WE EAT” and “LINE OF INQUIRY” being “VEGETABLES AND FRUITS”, there was a vegetable and fruit market set up in the school premises.

A growing body requires fruits and vegetables that are critical to promote good health.Fruits and vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins,minerals and other healthy compounds.Fruits and vegetables provide the body with an added source of antioxidants that is needed to properly wage war against free radicals. The benefits of proper intake of vegetables and fruits are numerous.

STUDENT ACTION: The geckos of nursery had dressed as vegetable vendors and also helped the vendors to sell fruits and vegetables.The geckos were even promoting the vegetables by speaking about it to the parents who were their customers.Children were able to identify the vegetables and fruits and assisted the vendors to weigh the same on sale. The geckos were holding their specific counter with responsibility and accountability.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos acquired a good exposure of buying and selling procedure and also knowledge on various vegetables and fruits. As the geckos were able to identify the colour and shapes of different vegetables and fruits, they have segregated them to make it feasible for clear display and easy sale. The geckos understood the significance of fruits and vegetables for a healthy life and the purchase and sale involved with money.Children participated enthusiastically in vendor attire and enjoyed the role they were in. It was a practical learning as they could sell maximum of stock to our valuable parents who visited the campus as customers.

FACILITATOR: Nursery Teachers

COORDINATOR: Mrs. Tahseen Sajjida.


Some photos of the event: