As our “POI” topic being “FARM ANIMALS”, the facilitators enacted a theatre on the song “Old Mc. Donald”. This enactment was done to make the geckos familiar with the farm animals and their dependence on farmers. The geckos were given information on different kinds of farm animals and how we benefit from them. They contribute much for a human to grow a healthy life as collecting fresh raw milk contains certain proteins and compounds. Milk is also extremely important for developing brains and nervous system of infants and young children. The geckos were absorbing the vocabulary words and knowledge on farm animals.

STUDENT ACTION: The geckos watched the theatre and were observed about the different farm animals and their habits.The geckos observed the characters played and displayed the profile of the month “Inquirer”and asked various questions relevant to the theatre act. The children enthusiastically watched the facilitators performance and cooperated with each other.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos acquired knowledge about different farm animals and also identified the animals from the theatre act. The children acquired enormous knowledge on farm animals and their significance. They displayed their learning by discussing and sharing knowledge.

FACILITATOR: Play group teachers

EVENT COORDINATOR: Mrs. Tehseen Sajjida and Mrs. Pooja Kolambe.


Some moments: