The purpose of the Student Led Conference (SLC) is for students to accept responsibility for their work, reflect, discuss and report the same to their parents. SLC is a learning process for the students that helps them understand how they operate as learners, while developing life skills such as communication and organization.

We had our second Student Led Conference on Saturday, 5th March 2022. Students lead their parents through different areas making a choice of learning engagements to demonstrate their learning. They confidently connected to the various concepts inquired into during the unit of inquiry, language, Math and all single subjects. Students exhibited enthusiasm as they demonstrated mindfulness exercises and shared details of the story books read during library or reading sessions.

The digital portfolio of each student was shared prior to the conference. It had student as well as teacher choice of work exhibiting their learning or progress in different areas or subjects. It included any action taken by them, approaches to learning and attributes developed or demonstrated by them. Our youngest learners from Playgroup also participated in different learning engagements based on their ongoing theme and concepts in language and Math covered so far.

Parents shared their feedback and experience through feedback forms. The conference was successful with our learners exhibiting agency and their ownership of their learning throughout.


Some highlights: