Parental involvement is often seen as a corner stone in a child’s education but in modern education it plays a great role in child’s learning. It is known to be linked with improved behaviour, regular attendance and positive attitudes in a child. In addition, being involved with your child shows your child you care about his or her education and schooling. That, in itself, can make children appreciate the importance of education and help them understand that what they are doing has a purpose.

As our geckos are inquiring on “colours and patterns”, therefore, to promote their learning we organized an event “Picasso for a day” in which parents along with their kids participated in an art event. We named this event “Picasso for a day” inspired by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso. This event helped our geckos and parents to bring out the hidden artist with in themselves. This also gave a wonderful platform to our geckos and parents to participate as a family and show their talent.

This event was a mix of happiness for parents, students and teachers. It really made the day for our geckos where they saw their parents coming to school, sitting with them and participating in activities going around which happens very rarely. It was really an awesome experience for us as facilitators to just watch our geckos being facilitated by their parents. This also helped parents spend some quality time with their kid. This event was a great success as we believe that student success is a shared interest of both school and family.


Few highlights: