Empowering the students to thrive in an evolving world is a matter of utmost importance at The Gaudium School. As Physical Education needs have also changed with times, Physical Education along with physical well being  must foster in students the ability to think out of the box, be analytical ,imaginative, innovative  and curious. Students more than ever need to find physical education relatable in their daily life. Physical Education at The Gaudium School is more than just student participation in sports and games. Geckos engage with Physical education across and between subject areas hence experience trans disciplinary learning  and deeper understanding. Geckos through physical education make connections, apply learning in classroom and transfer conceptual understanding to new situations.

The Gaudium School has a unique Adventure Camp site to provide the Geckos with Adventure Centered experiences. One can call it Adventure Therapy which can heighten the opportunities for learning and processing  information. Encouraging the students to move independently in complex environment under supervision gives them opportunity to develop the skills and resilience they need to be able to be safe, manage complex environments and situations.