When a child starts growing from child to adolescence, he actually comes with lots of baggage’s like confusion, anxiety and emotional imbalance. Adolescence can be viewed as a tunnel. A very long and much darker in some people than in other because it is a time of rapid physical development and emotional changes and it is also the period which sets the stage for the future. In that process they tend to look for short term pleasures though the consequences affect them on a long run.  At the same time they learn to accept the truth, act responsibly and become good human beings if nurtured by the two strong hands of their life i.e. the teacher and the parent.

The growing years in a student from a teacher’s point of view is to get ready for the next level of learning. The teacher who can understand the student as an individual learner rather than a fact consumer can definitely nurture him into a skilfull and lifelong learner.  Understanding the needs and catering to it is what a growing child looks in a teacher. If he gets it he will enjoy his learning journey and grows with a lot of wonderful memories.

As they grow they get exposed to many things around them which may or may not benefit them. We as parents, instead of dictating the terms (as most of us do as our duty of being a parent) try to understand the needs of child and give them the space/comfort they need. This will make our child’s growing years more productive by building trust in them as a friend and as a well wisher.

Helping children to grow and learn, occurs within the families in many ways, from providing a safe and nurturing home environment. Parents who get involved in children’s learning activities at school, home and elsewhere, and giving them the input and direction they need to grow up with the social needs will definitely be the change makers and make a difference in the society.

The growing years in a child is a see saw with emotions on one side and the reality on the other. We need to prepare the chid to learn how to blend emotion with reason and make good decisions which is a prerequisite for growth.

As Ann Landers said, “It’s not  what you do for your children ,but what you have thought them to do for  themselves, that will make them SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEINGS.”

So, growing up is a hardship because there is no end to the path of maturity.

Let us give it a thought.