The school was a place where one gets to see the same age-old jumping, hopping, and skipping.

There is lots of laughter, fun, and frolic, there are many caretakers just like the gardeners who take care of the young plants. Here one can find the teachers who nourish these young lives, nurture them with all their care and affection. These days these nurturers have become super-efficient, they help the child keep its roots grounded in one’s own culture, and at the same time, they see that the wings of the child have also grown, where the child will be able to fly high in the sky see the entire world and should be able to decide in which part of the earth, the bird want to settle down.

Every child who has gone to school has his or her own story, of the school. I am sure like me as a child wanted to grow very big and would then think that only elders are enjoying life. But now as an adult, I challenge all those who refute this fact because it’s a brutal fact that school life is the best life.

Everyone will agree and I am sure 99% will say YES. I want to go back to my school. I want to go back to those good old days.

School life is the best life. Though as children we feel we always have tests to study, exam to prepare for, but then I am sure we all experiences the joy of pure friendship. Helping someone with no expectations.

Kash koi lauta de, mere bachpan ke who din

Kash ek pal bhi koi lauta de, mere bachpan ke who din

Many souls are not as blessed as me and who could dare to enter any school for their life itself became a school. Every experience became new learning but these souls missed the care and nurture of the gardeners, so there were chances of weed growing too.

This pandemic has very highlighted the importance of school in one’s life.

Be it big or small, in a city or a village everyone has now realized that school is an integral part of the overall development of an individual.

It is where the child is nurtured and is made ready to face all the uncertainties of life with all the zeal and enthusiasm.

Learning to grow is a basic urge in all living beings, more so we can find it, in human beings. If one has learnt or just read the ancient script one can know that the child has the potential to learn from the mother’s womb itself. We have had the example of Abhimanyu who had learned of Chakravyu’s strategy of warfare when he as a child was in the mother’s womb. This fact in history speaks volumes about the importance of early childhood education.

Times immortal, we have come a long way and it is very clear with much new research being done it’s very clear that early childhood education has a tremendous impact on the growth and development of an individual. Just like the foundation of any building needs to be super strong, early childhood education acts just like the foundation of a building.

The tree also stands firm on the ground because it has its roots which give all the support.

We as teachers and parents should learn to give our best in the early formative years of a child.

Then there is no looking back at all for that child.

The child will fly high in the sky of success.