Participants: Grade 1 – Grade 5 – 2 students each

Date 17 Nov 2017

Learning Objective: To understand the elements of Theater and performing arts

Workshop leaders: Mrs. Deepali Trivedi

Literature and Theater Fest

Geckos from Grades 1 to 5 participated in a literature and theatre fest organised by the IB PYP Network on 17th November,2017 at the Aga Khan Academy. They participated in activities which included gesture and mime, storytelling through music and movement, poetry and art. The event gave them a better notion that drama is one mode of expression that is usually represented in theatrical performance or in literature. This event provided a greater understanding as we learn better when we experience. The events culminated into a mini performance which summarized the fact that drama is a specific form of expressing fiction through action. The children actively participated in the fest and enjoyed a lot performing in front of everyone.


Some highlights: