Date: 14th November 2017

Learning Objective: To observe the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru that is celebrated as “Bal Diwas”.

Facilitators: All In: Academic, Facilities, and Management Staff

Children’s day, also known as ‘Bal Diwas’, is celebrated on Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary. Nehru, our first prime minister, believed that children are the future of the nation ; the citizens of tomorrow and they should be lovingly nurtured. The Geckos of grades one to nine were taken for an award winning Telugu movie with a message. The movie ‘Aditya’ is about an orphan who gets a national award for his invention and the hardships he faces. The film touches upon sensitive issues such as suicide due to depression and bullying. ‘Aditya’-the movie is chosen to be screened at the 19th children film fest. Apart from this, nineteen students from grades 6 to 9 were selected to visit the Raj Bhavan to meet the Governor, Mr K.S.L Narsimhan and for an agricultural and botanical exhibits showcased by the renowned scientist.  The Geckos had a very interactive session with the researchers and learnt a lot of new concepts such as hybridisation, stem cuttings and sampling of seeds to which they got a practical exposure. They later got an opportunity to shake hand and click pictures with the Governor Mr Narsimhan. The Nursery and the PP1 students had an amazing celebration at Kollur, dancing and singing in the flash mob. It was an enjoyable day for the students which concluded with the distribution of snacks and spending quality time with their friends and classmates.

Some photos from the event:

Also a video from the event: