Giving opportunities for taking up leading positions that deliver sole and collective responsibilities instill unbeatable confidence in children; they also help unearth their skills of leadership. At the school level, through Student Prefect Council – a replica of the cabinet–  students are given one such opportunity – the opportunity to serve as the elected student representatives, and thus contribute handsomely to the school administration. During the Student Prefect election, which is usually held at the end of June or in July in every academic year, an unusual buzz crawls into the campus. It creates a furore, the furore of elections – the atmosphere and the  feel of the formal elections; the contestants get busy experimenting with ways to swing votes persuading the voters. Whereas, the electorate meditates upon their choices. Altogether, election fever strongly grips all students. At the Gaudium, it was not different – the Student Prefect Council election fever rose to its peak in June and gradually subsided with a splendid Investiture Ceremony on the 11 of July.

The objective of the Student Prefect Council is to provide students a platform for developing leadership skills and thereby change themselves into benevolent and transformational leaders. Thus, for schools, the ceremonious Investiture Ceremony, which is the wind-up of the election where in the elected members would be invested with responsibilities and titles, is a momentous event.

The solemn occasion of the Investiture Ceremony of The Gaudium that was held with great éclat and elegance marked the day special. Wing Commander, Yogesh Grewal, the Chief Flying Instructor at the largest helicopter training facility in India graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Among the audience present were, the Director, the principals, the staff and students and the ever-supporting parents of The Gaudium.

The ceremony was commenced with the auspicious ritual, the lamp lighting followed by a prayer song sung by the school choir. Then, the Prefect Council consisting of 28 prefects were welcomed onto the stage; and were invested with the responsibilities and conferred with the badges. The oath taking ceremony was the next. The Chief Guest administered the oath and standing erect in front of the electorate and the stakeholders, the Student Prefects pledged to keep up the vision and mission of the school, deliver positively and unprejudicedly to every member of the school staying devoted to the school and the country.

The words of wisdom delivered by the Chief Guest, Wing Commander, Yogesh Grewal, were highly motivational to the young prefects. According to him, leaders are of three types: born leaders, elected and appointed. What good leaders should possess are a vision and mission and determination to achieve them. He also spoke about transactional and transformational leaders. His passionate and eloquent speech stirred emotions, especially the call to join the Air Force.  A thunderous and long round of applause persisted for a minute once he concluded his speech.

Investing responsibilities to the Tribes of The Gaudium – Dragons, Pegasus, Griffins, Sphinx was the subsequent event. The tribe leaders handed over the flag to the tribe captains, and dignitaries invested them with badges. The elected school Head Girl, Ms Shreya Jain addressed the electorate and the dignitaries thanking both profusely for the opportunity.

On the same platform, last year’s CBSE students were felicitated as they brought laurels to the school with 100% results. It was a moment of inspiration for the juniors who would look up to their seniors.

With the school song and the National Anthem, the ceremony was concluded. It was an experience of learning for the geckos who have understood about the procedures of the formal cabinet swearing-in ceremony.

We are hopeful that the elected Student Prefects will set an example for their fellow students and the entire school.

The names and positions of the prefects are as given below:

Prefect Name Position Grade
Shreya Jain School Prefect 10 CBSE
Nethan Reddy Deputy School Prefect 10 CBSE
Varsha Kabalavai Sports Secretary 9 IGCSE
Dhruv Jupalle Deputy Sports Secretary 11 IBDP
Satyawan Reddy PYP Sports Secretary 5 B
Ayaan Khan PYP Deputy Sports Secretary 4 D
Pranati Gangavatikar Cultural Secretary 9 IGCSE
Pramithi Challa Deputy Cultural Secretary 9 IGCSE
Ira Abhijit Kulkarni PYP Cultural Secretary 5 A
Anushri Guddanti PYP Deputy Cultural Secretary 4 D
Bindu Poornima Literary Secretary 9 IGCSE
G. Prerna Reddy Deputy Literary Secretary 9 CBSE
Vaishnavi Bodi Reddy PYP Literary Secretary 5 C
Sanjana Rose Pidakala PYP Deputy Literary Secretary 4 D
V. Anika Reddy Tribe Captain, Dragon 10 CBSE
Niranjan Chinda Deputy Tribe Captain, Dragon 9 CBSE
Jessica Abrahim Tribe Captain, Pegasus 11 CBSE
Akshitha Mahesh Deputy Tribe Captain, Pegasus 10 CBSE
Sanchit Singh Anuz PYP Tribe Captain, Pegasus 5 C
Sri Jayathi Devi Reddy PYP Deputy Tribe Captain, Pegasus 4 B
Sheikh Ahmed Tariq Tribe Captain, Griffins 10 CBSE
Shruti Aggarwal Deputy Tribe Captain, Griffins 9 IGCSE
Dhriti Reddy S PYP Tribe Captain, Griffins 5 C
Vamsi Sai Sharan PYP Deputy Tribe Captain, Griffins 4 D
Utkarsh Daniel Tribe Captain, Sphinx 10 CBSE
Lydia Roselyn Deputy Tribe Captain, Sphinx 10 CBSE
Minal Shaik Kalyan PYP Tribe Caption, Sphinx 5 C
Sloka Reddy Rachur PYP Deputy Tribe Captain, Sphinx 4 E


Pictures of the event: