One of the most important events of the new academic year on a cloudy overcast morning of the 14th of July was The Investiture Ceremony 2017-2018.

‘Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the target of success’ Investiture means a formal investing of a student with authority , power, right, office and dignity . It’s rightly said that leaders and not born they are made. The Investiture ceremony was a grand affair where the entire family of Gaudium assemble in the sports ground along with Mr C.S.Reddy as our esteemed Chief Guest where the members of the student council cabinet were invested with their duties and responsibilities namely the Head boy and Head girl, deputy Head boy and Head girl, The Captains and Vice Captains of the four tribes – Griffins , Dragons, Pegasus and Sphinx. The Sports Captain and Vice Captain, the Cultural Committee Captain and Vice Captain , the Student Council Captain and Vice Captain , the IB PYP Captain and Deputy captain Head boy and Head girl and the members of the council who will help the cabinet follow up with their responsibilities . The speech by Mr C.S Reddy was extremely inspiring. The facilitators, parents and the audience was enraptured to see the Geckos marching smartly and repeating their oath after the principle Mrs Hema Surapaneni. The ceremony ended with a speech by Mrs Surapaneni and the National anthem being sung by all the Geckos.


Some key moments: