One of the most exciting and adventurous sessions of the first Unit of Inquiry – Force and Friction. They visited adventure park of kollur campus where they identified different types of forces. This visit enabled them to understand application of force and friction in real life. The geckos were curious, enthusiastic and were able to relate their experiences with what they have learned. They were able to connect their observations of each and every movement with different types of forces.  An opportunity to explore and experience practically their learnings built a lot of excitement. They came up with different findings like – Inside a slider the friction is less as you start sliding and come down it is more due to the surface change, they also found that due to tension force; they were able to walk through the net, even if they fall the elasticity would protect them from getting hurt. Geckos understood that it is very difficult to climb up whereas easier to climb down due to gravitational force; the concept that more we apply force, more the motion etc. This exercise helped them gain practical understanding about the topic Force and Friction.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: