Great opportunities seldom come without us seeking them, but such a rarity did become a reality when our Grade 11 IBDP students Dhruv, Ruchit, Gadin and Dheeraj and CBSE class 11th students Jessica, Charitha, Shiva Dhanush had an opportunity to participate in the CHIREC MUN from 12thJuly-14th July 2019. It was an extremely exciting event, that brought about a noticeable change in the students’ demeanour as they opened the debate.  Shedding the laid-back attitude and donning a professional deportment, the geckos all of a sudden transformed themselves into delegates catering to the demand of the situation!

The basic round of orientations acquainted the students with the procedures. It was then of utmost importance for the team to embark on a comprehensive research on the foreign policies of their assigned countries and the real-world scenario pertaining to the topic of discussion in the committee. They did extensive research. Basic training and briefing were given by the faculty who have expertise in MUN. They were guided to prepare their GSL speech. This process was very enriching for all the members of the team, in terms of gaining vital insight into the politics and diplomacy of today’s world. Our students were delegates in the Interpol, DISEC, CS, UNSC committees, to name a few. Power-packed debate and discussions of the house, on topics such as ensuring security in Mena Region, crisis in Syria, peaceful uses of outer space, etc, was an eye-opener to issues at the world forum.

Though there was some confusion concerning organisational procedure, delegates caught on quickly and actively, made motions, gave eloquent speeches, and exercised impressive diplomacy during moderated and unmoderated caucuses. The awards presented in closing ceremonies were well deserved. Dhruv from Grade 11 IBDP was amongst the delegates conferred with a Special Verbal Mention in the closing ceremony. At this conference, the students learned about the importance of coming together to achieve a common goal in the true spirit of the United Nations.


Some highlights: