Field trips provide students with new opportunities for learning through experiencing. As part of our ongoing unit of inquiry under the theme “Who We Are”, on 12 July, the PP1 geckos went on a field trip to a nearby locality with an objective to learn about different types of homes that are seen around us.

The geckos were too excited and all geared up for this field trip. The  curious geckos observed their surroundings and identified different types of homes. They also noticed the tiny shops and compared them with the huge shopping malls.

‘Hey, that’s a square, that’s a triangle’, the geckos shouted in joy. They were seen engaged in endless conversations about the different types of houses they came across during this trip. They saw a truck which was turned into a small house to live in. On this field trip, the geckos saw different gated communities, villas, independent houses, mud houses, tent houses and huts. Some of them also observed huge machines on their way back and could identify them as machines used for building a house.

The geckos reflected upon the learning from the field trip through explanatory illustrations. Post the field trip, we had a classroom discussion on the houses that geckos explored in this field trip.


Some highlights: