Celebrations are multifaceted, but freedom often comes at a price, after many trials and tribulations we have been able to experience liberty, free will, choice and independence and we take pride in saluting our heroes without whom we wouldn’t have woken up to a free India 70 years ago.

“Sarforoshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai” these lines marked the beginning of our 70th Independence Day celebrations at The Gaudium. We welcomed the Guests of Honours our very own Coordinators Mrs. Archana, Mrs. Kiran, Mrs. Nivedita and Mr. Murthy senior most Telugu Facilitator. Under the bright clear sky our geckos from grade 1 to 9 were settled in their positions to begin the celebrations with enthusiasm and excitement to see the Tri Color flying high in the air. Flag hoisting was a very proud and emotional moment for all present, followed by the national anthem and march fast by all tribes.

‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Sare Jahan se accha’ awakened the feeling of patriotism in all. Our little geckos very proudly participated in the song and were eagerly waiting to cheer their tribe for the Inter Tribe Patriotic Song Competition. Every tribe chose a different language patriotic song and performed it with ease and near perfection. Dragons sang a Marathi song, Sphinx an Assamese song, Pegasus a Bengali song and Griffins a Gujrati song. The melodies voices of our geckos echoed in the ground while they sang with passion and enthusiasm. Mrs. Archana Reddy our guest of honor enlightened our geckos with her words of wisdom by sharing her personal experience and love for her country. She ended her speech by inspiring them to the present challenges by coming together and creating solution and wishing the geckos to experience a happy and independent life.

Winning is not everything participating is important, however a healthy completion motivates you to give your best every time, we ended the celebration by announcing the results of the Inter-Tribe singing competition. The shield was handed by the Primary Coordinators Mrs. Kiran Sing and Mrs. Nivedita as the 1st prize was bagged by Pegasus, 2nd by Sphinx and 3rd by Dragons. Geckos walked back home saluting our National Flag with pride.


Some highlights: