‘Teachers are like candles…’, there are many quotes that state this; they burn out a huge portion of their time attempting to light their students’ future. These days, teachers are a way more than candles. A teacher embodies, mostly according to teachers and students all these: a walking Wi-Fi; dictionaries; encyclopedia; a video game lover; a sports lover; a dancer; a singer – western usually; and  above all, a second parent who is an epitome of love, understanding and empathy. To juggle up these roles enthusiastically and joyfully, to stay knowledgeable and affectionate and also to live the dream of teaching as a passion, teachers need to take professional development programmes. Realising the requirement,The Gaudium provides a platform for the faculty to undergo a 270 hours of identified Professional Development Programme at its campus every year. The Gaudium recognizes that while at work, teachers have to constantly practice the cycle of learn,unlearn and relearn for catering to the changing academic, emotional and intellectual needs of Geckos that can arise in any learning environment.

We began this academic year, organizing a 10-day long Professional development workshops. They were held from 20th – 31 May, 2019.

To achieve this goal, the school has a specialized Learning and Development Center at the school that provides faculty training by conducting workshops. These workshops are well planned and custom made to help the teachers  to develop subject expertise, leadership skills and achieve excellence and effectiveness in teaching approaches. This academic year, the Learning and Development Centre at the Gaudium also aims to create various initiatives and opportunities for Geckos that enrich and promote their leadership qualities.


Some moments: