Learners displayed their presentation skills and enhanced confidence while sharing their knowledge about the tiny creatures and the important role they play in the environment.

As our enthusiastic geckos of PP1 are inquiring into “Tiny Creatures” under the transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the Planet”, they are all excited to learn many new things about what they see around them every day. They became curious learners who want to explore their surroundings in finding out more about these tiny creatures. They are now exposed to the facts about these mini beasts. As we go deeper into understanding that “Tiny creatures play a role in our lives” ,our geckos did an Awareness rally on the importance of having Tiny creatures in our ecosystem. First, our geckos introduced the UOI theme and Central Idea. They shared their knowledge through different art forms. They enacted mime, in which they presented how Honey bees live together and how they are important for the Environment. Later they performed a dance on the insect song which speaks about the characteristics of the insects, and their habitats. Our geckos put on a role play on the food chain and how it is important to have a balance in the ecosystem. They played the roles of trees, worms, deer, lion and a hunter, and performed how disappearance of a species from an ecosystem can have adverse effects by causing imbalances in it. At the same time, they also made us understand that the worms and microbes helping decomposing the dead matter. We ended up the rally by presenting some fun facts about the tiny creatures like “Butter flies taste with their legs”, “Ants have two stomachs” and “Spiders are not insects”. They concluded the event by displaying the banners containing slogans that it is our responsibility to save the tiny creatures, in turn saving our own lives and the Planet Earth.


Key highlights: