Having an aim is the key to achieving your best – Henry Kaiser

Dream big to achieve big! Carrying forward the dream and vision of our director, to make The Gaudium one of the best schools in Hyderabad. We have undergone one of the biggest milestones the IB Authorisation visit, the journey which began 3 years ago when the foundation was laid. Best management team, great administrators accompanied by best facilitators, support staff, parents and students formed the base of the Gaudium Family.

The journey continued and we progressed to a stage where we felt we are ready to take a bigger challenge of approaching IB for the authorisation. They provided us with the Candidacy and we started gearing up for THE DAY. We had a consultant visit earlier this academic year in August which was a huge success and we were given a go ahead for the final verification. IB obliged our request and the IB Regional Head for Authorisation of APAC region Mrs Monita Sen herself, who was impressed with the pre authorisation report showed interest to come for the authorisation visit. She was accompanied by Mrs Vimmi and they finalised 22 and 23 February 18 to be the dates of for the final certification. IB believes in giving the best to its students and parents and hence follows a very stringent process before certifying any school.

The day started with their interaction with the Management team to understand the procedures, policies followed and to understand future plans of the school. Our grade 5 geckos gave the guests tour of our school familiarising them with the campus and classes. In their 2 days packed schedule they conducted a 360 degrees inspection at every level to evaluate our practices. They conducted class inspections, interacted independently with our geckos, language department, special teachers (art, music and dance), PSPE, Counsellors and special educators, Sub- staff, coordinators and parents.

Inspection concluded with their observation report and a special token of thanks presented by The Gaudium family to the visiting guests. They were enthralled by the eco friendly infrastructure that is very conducive to inquiry and creativity in children. The visiting team was very happy with the learning environment and happy that the geckos are getting the best. They specially mentioned that our geckos are very knowledgeable and confident about their learning and inquiries. They were very happy with the hospitality and the environment provided for the students to become lifelong learners.


Some moments: